Email Campaign

Communication is a key business pillar for organisations in different sectors of the economy. This is especially important in informing clients of the value provided by the business through its products and services. Email Marketing has been used over the years to engage clients and other stakeholders. But what makes it a great way to market your products and services?

Detailed communication

An email-campaign provides a business with the opportunity to introduce a product or service to clients by explaining in detail its value proposition, pricing and the uniqueness of the product. The most important aspects can be highlighted through text effects. Note that emails should not be prohibitively long such that they scare your clients away before they even read the offer.

It is cheap

Compared to putting up advertisements in the radio, newspapers, advertising websites and television, email marketing is cheaper. In addition, it eliminates other incidental costs such as cost of paper, cost of toners, postage costs and other costs associated with mail delivery.


Emails have been used for communication in business for a very long time. By using them consistently over time to communicate to your clients, you increase the credibility of your brand or business. Remember that the emails should be of high quality, informative, relevant to the target audience and well timed in order for clients to trust your brand.

Contact organisation

Software for Email Marketing allow you to organise different categories of clients in various groups or lists such that you do not have to create a mailing list every time you want to send something out. It also makes it easier to organise clients based on their product preferences or segments ensuring that they only receive appropriate communication. This saves you time and energy. You can have as many lists as you would like that can be edited or deleted as you wish. It also makes it easier for clients to unsubscribe to different campaigns at will.

In built analytics

Software for Email Marketing makes it easier for you to track such metrics as the number of people who opened the email, the number of clicks to any links, the number who are interested in the product or services outlined, those who unsubscribe and many other metrics. This saves time that could have been used computing these figures and keeping track.


With email marketing, you can schedule campaigns to go out on future dates and time. This ensures that you send out campaigns at the most appropriate time: through the analytics, you can tell the time that most people in a segment are likely to open the email, the best day to send out the email and many more. This makes it easier to market your products and services even when you are away from the office.


Besides sending out information on product and services, you can send your clients important information on different relevant topics. This is a great way to gain their credibility and trust and it makes it easier for your business to build long lasting relationships with the clients.

Emails can also be used for research purposes to understand the needs of your clients and how these change over time. The business can then use this information to design and improve its product and service offering to ensure the clients get what they are looking for. An email campaign is a diverse tool that most businesses should adopt if it befits their client segments.